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The MWC Rose
The Rose
2009-2010 Officers: Seated are, from left, Coleen Landry, Iona Myers,and Polly Thomas. Standing are Sue Rooney, Marguerite Ricks and Diane Currie.
2009-2010 Officers
Past presidents celebrating Founder's Day are, seated from left, Audie Scardina, Julie Lawton, Bea Mestayer, and Beverly Watts.  Standing, from left, are Jane Livaudais, Mary Membreno, Kathleen McGregor, Irene Rogillio, Joan Demarest, Ella Geisler, Irma Klein, Beverly Christina, Ginger Crawford, Virginia Cullens and Marguerite Ricks.

MWC Presidents (2009)
Presenting a check for $4,000 to Mr. Beau Bassich, executive director of New Orleans City Park for the restoration of the 100 year old Carousel that was damaged in floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina, are, from left, Joan Demarest, Evelyn Smith and Coleen Landry.

Presentation to Beau

Founder's Day 2005: Past presidents seated, from left, are Peggy McGregor, Sarah Edwards, Miriam Buchler, Mary Hebert and Joan Demarest.  Standing, from left, are, Audie Scardino, Kathleen McGregor, Irma Klein, Mary Membreno, Margaret Favor, Sadie Gilmore, Irene Rogillio, Ann Zainey, Beverly Christina, Marguerite Ricks, Jane Livaudais, Bea Mestayer, Anna Owens, Beverly Watts, Martha Jane Campbell and Julie Lawton.

Founder's Day (2005)

Guest Speaker U. S. Attorney Jim Letten  with President Iona Myers and Program Chairman Jerri Klein
Jim Letten with President Iona Myers and Program Chairman Jerri Klein
Presentation of $12,000 of grants to Ozanam Inn, Pennies for Bread and the New Orleans Mission (2009). From left, Linda Deichmann, sponsor of Ozanam Inn; Biaggio DiGiovanni representing Ozanam Inn;  Linda Sharp, Community Services chairman; Abbot Justin of St. Joseph's Abbey; Coleen Landry, MWC president and sponsor of Pennies for Bread and the Abbey; Ron Gonzales of the New Orleans Mission, and Mary Membreno, sponsor of New Orleans Mission.

$12,000 Presentation to Ozanam Inn, Pennies for Bread and N.O. Mission
2009-Dedication ceremony of the Park Bench in Lafreniere Park donated by MWC in memory of Sheriff Harry Lee. Seated: Coleen Landry, bench chairman; Cindy Lee Sheng, Mrs. Harry Lee, and Elsie Manos. Standing: Jerri Klein, Iona Myers, Jennie Bryant, Linda Deichmann, Joan Demarest and Carol Beckleheim.
Dedication of Sheriff Harry Lee Memorial Bench in Lafrenierre
Christmas in October 2009 Chairmen: From left are, Kathryn Bordelon, Joan Demarest, Iona Myers, Virginia Cullens, Pat Hanemann, Jennie Bryant and Mary Membreno.
Christmas in October
2009 Chairmen
Irma Sheperd A Founder of MWC
Irma Shepherd
A Founder of MWC
Spring Fling 2010 at Mike Anderson's

Spring Fling 2010
at Mike Anderson's
Former presidents of Metairie Woman's Club celebrated Founders Day on the 71st anniversary of the club.  Seated from left are Evelyn Smith, Marguerite Ricks, Sadie Gilmore and Julie Lawton. Standing, from left, are Mary Membreno, Kathleen McGregor, Bea Mestayer, Irma Klein, Audie Scardino, Beverly Hughes, Virginia Cullens, Beverly Christina, Linda Gallagher, Irene Rogillio, Jane Livaudais, Joan Demarest and Coleen Landry

Founder's Day 2010
Celebrating 71 Years
President Iona Myers cuts the cake on the  71st anniversary of Metairie Woman's Club

Founder's Day 2010
Iona Myers Cuts the Cake
The executive board of Metairie Woman's Club for 2010 joined with members in celebrating the 71st anniversary of the founding of the club.  From left are, Diane Currie, treasurer; Sue Rooney, corresponding secretary; Polly Thomas, president-elect; Iona Myers, president; Coleen Landry, immediate past president; Marguerite Ricks, parliamentarian and Jennie Bryant, recording secretary.

Founder's Day 2010
Executive Board
2010-2011 MWC Officers: From left are Sue Rooney, Polly Thomas, Carol Becklehimer, Beverly Randazzo, Iona Myers and Rubye Evans.

2010 - 2011
Noel Marie Netzhammer, a 2011 graduate of Chapelle High School, is the recipient of Metairie Woman's Club $2500 Scholarship Award.  Shown at the presentation are Betty Corbeille, Scholarship Committee member, Miss Netzhammer; Polly Thomas, president; and Lisa Baynham, Ways and Means chairman.  Miss Netzhammer plans to attend LSU and study pre-med or Nursing.

Scholarship Recipient
Noel Marie Netzhammer
Past presidents celebrating 72nd anniversary of Metairie Woman's Club at Founders Day 2011.  Seated, from left, Julie Lawton, Sadie Gilmore and Marguerite Ricks.  Standing from left, Coleen Landry, Irene Rogillio, Mary Membreno, Beverly Watts, Linda Gallagher, Kathleen McGregor, Jane Livaudais, Evelyn Smith, Beverly Christina, Iona Myers and Irma Klein.

Founder's Day 2011
Celebrating 72 Years
Seated: Polly Thomas, Sue Rooney and Linda Deichmann.  Standing: Rubye Evans, Iona Myers, Beverly Bond and Pat Hanemann.

2011 - 2012
Jane Livaudais: Outstanding Woman 2011

Jane Livaudais
Outstanding Woman 2011
The 2011 Spring Fling was a March tour of the Mississippi River at flood stage aboard the steamboat Natchez from the Conti Street Wharf to Plaquemines Parish.  Chairmen were Jerry Klein and Coleen Landry. A buffet lunch was enjoyed on the deck of the paddlewheeler.

Spring Fling

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